M Khorasani

Implementing a visual datetime filter for time-series data in Python


Perhaps the most proliferated type of data that we grapple with on a daily basis is time-series data. Basically, anything that is indexed using date, time, or both can be considered as a time-series dataset. And more often than not, you may require to filter your time-series data with, well…

Integrate Excel with Word to generate automated reports seamlessly

Microsoft Excel and Word are without a shred of doubt the two most abundantly used software in the corporate and non-corporate world. They are practically synonymous with the term ‘work’ itself. Oftentimes, not a week goes by without us firing up the combination of the two and one way or…

Automating the repetitive tasks that you shouldn’t be wasting time over

Perhaps we can all relate to a landmark moment in our data science careers when we’ve had to spend a good portion of a day generating a multitude of repetitive and tedious reports that could have otherwise been generated automatically. It goes without saying that your time is far more…

Using Jarvis.ai to generate an entire story independently


Everything you are about to see below here was generated using Jarvis.ai — an artificial intelligence assistant that writes original content for you. While I had to prompt Jarvis on what topic to write after every paragraph, and also had to make minor adjustments here and there, the rest of…

Create an automated email pipeline with dazzling dashboards


We send and receive a plethora of emails on a daily basis in our corporate and non-corporate lives. And truth be told, a large portion of those transactions can indeed be automated. Perhaps we can all relate to a landmark moment of our lives when we spent a good portion…

How to build an inexpensive mini radar system with a live dashboard


For those of us in the business of robotics, specifically the competitive type the likes of sumo-wrestling and RoboCup bots, we know that detecting objects for avoidance or for collision rather cannot possibly be overstated. While more often than not you would inundate your robot with a slew of IR…

An aspiring Full Stack Developer’s guide to quickly developing and deploying scalable web applications

There used to be a time not so long ago when creating web applications was the work of child prodigies the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk. Or alternatively, you could enroll in a fancy college, spend the best four years of your life (and your parent’s retirement savings)…

M Khorasani

Hybrid of a computer scientist and an engineer. Founder of DummyLearn.com a free online machine learning platform.

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