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And how you can do the same


As far as I can remember, I’ve always yearned to be a prolific writer, with the sort of writing that can be transformed into a side hustle with a tangible extra income. With that mindset, I first began writing on Medium a little over a year ago and while the first year was largely without yield, the past couple of months have been rather rewarding. Now that was not the result of coincidence or sheer luck, but instead the culmination of a careful observation and learning process. And in case you are wondering, no I do not have an abundance…

An aspiring Full Stack Developer’s guide to quickly developing and deploying scalable web applications

There used to be a time not so long ago when creating web applications was the work of child prodigies the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk. Or alternatively, you could enroll in a fancy college, spend the best four years of your life (and your parent’s retirement savings) learning to program and then end up making subpar 90’s style web apps. Well, we’ve come a long way since then. With the inundation of open source tools and cloud infrastructure, developing and deploying phenomenal applications has been largely democratized. …

Offering simplified and scalable machine learning as a service


Machine learning is rapidly becoming as ubiquitous as data itself. Quite literally wherever there is an abundance of data, machine learning is somehow intertwined. And for good reason too. After all, what utility would data have if we were not able to use it to predict something about the future? Luckily there is a plethora of toolkits and frameworks that have made it rather simple to deploy ML in Python. Specifically, Sklearn has done a terrifically effective job at making ML accessible to developers.

Even still, there are many technical and STEM-associated individuals that would have plenty of use for…

Chase an opportunity and bring your dreams along

The Predicament

We have all been there, contemplating, considering, weighing options, seeking advice, thinking, and then overthinking about what we would like to do for the rest of our professional lives. In other words what job we would like to occupy for the foreseeable part of our careers. And perhaps, the most prolific, abundant, and pervasive advice given to us, is to ‘pursue your dreams.’ It is a shame, however, that such injudicious advice is misleading at best and very likely ominous. Such recommendations are really indicative of the herd mentality that many of us quite, unfortunately, ascribe to.

Perhaps we all…

Integrate Excel with Word to generate automated reports seamlessly

Microsoft Excel and Word are without a shred of doubt the two most abundantly used software in the corporate and non-corporate world. They are practically synonymous with the term ‘work’ itself. Oftentimes, not a week goes by without us firing up the combination of the two and one way or another putting their goodness to use. While for the average daily purpose automation would not be solicited, there are times when automation can be a necessity. Namely, when you have a multitude of charts, figures, tables, and reports to generate, it can become an exceedingly tedious undertaking if you choose…

Using dynamic time warping to synchronize time-series data


One of the most painful things one could encounter in a data related career, is having to deal with unsynchronized time series datasets. Discrepancies can be due to a whole slew of reasons — daylight savings adjustments, inaccurate SCADA signals, and corrupted data to name a few. It is even common to find several discrepancies at various points within the same dataset which requires you to identify and correct each one individually. And while you’re at it, you may inadvertently offset another synchronous part. …

A simplified approach to provisioning robust and scalable data warehouses


With the abundance and proliferation of data in this day and age, there is an inherent need to store and reuse that wealth of information in a meaningful way. It is analogous to having a kitchen inundated with a multitude of utensils and tools to use, without having an organized way to manage them. Well, chances are that you’re going to end up opening your canned lunch with the rear end of a dipper, unless you warehouse up real fast.

Data warehousing is the ability to cache, tokenize, analyze and reuse your curated data on demand in an unparalleled manner…

Using Plotly to create a heatmap visualization of monthly and hourly data


Anyone who has ever been exposed to the data, knows that time series data is arguably the most abundant type of datum that we deal with on a routine basis. Data that is indexed with date, time and/or both is thereby classified as a timeseries dataset. Often, it may be helpful to render our timeseries as a monthly and hourly heatmap visualization. Such powerful visualizations are supremely helpful in being able to digest data that is otherwise presented in form that may not be ingested into our highly visual selves. These renderings, will usually depict hour horizontally, month vertically, and…

Find an opportunity, make it your career, and then bring your dreams along with you


It goes without saying, that the most abundant and proliferated advice given to young adults contemplating their career choices is to, “chase your dreams” or “follow your passion”, or ostensibly some other form of a superficial expression along the same lines. It is also fair to claim, that such advice is practically cliché and befitting of the mob mentality sort of society that we have transformed into, whereby common sense has been largely replaced by the availability cascade of certain self-reinforcing notions that otherwise lack any empirical form of veracity.

Perhaps every one of us can relate to a landmark…

3 side hustles that did not work out well


As far as I can remember, I have always wanted to have a side hustle. Something that would give my spare hours purpose and would help raise my bottom line ever so slightly higher. Something that I could run on the periphery to give me that extra bit of fiscal security, knowing that I’m inching closer towards financial independence and earlier retirement. Mind you, I’m not overly ambitious, lofty or any way delusional, or at least not that I know of. But I was and still am convinced that not every business endeavor has to be a breakthrough. Good enough…

M Khorasani

Hybrid of a data scientist and an engineer. Founder of DummyLearn.com a free online machine learning platform.

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