An aspiring Full Stack Developer’s guide to quickly developing and deploying scalable web applications

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Using dynamic time warping to synchronize time series data

Image by author.


Creating a pipeline to record and visualize real-world data

SCADA dashboard — visual by author.


Leveraging automation to create dazzling PDF documents effortlessly

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Integrate Excel with Word to generate automated reports seamlessly

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Run prescheduled Python scripts on Colab and access the results on your own drive

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Using Plotly to render interactive radar charts in real-time

Visual by author


Automating the repetitive tasks that you shouldn’t be wasting time over

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Just under a dozen stories later…

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Streamlit: democratizing app development and empowering programmers

Visual by author.


M Khorasani

Hybrid of a data scientist and an engineer. Logistician. Candid. Realpolitik. Unlearning dogma one belief at a time.

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